Benefits of being a Member of the IUPAT


The Strength of the Union is its Members

  • The IUPAT, and the local affiliates under   District Council 36 are affiliated with the American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations or better known as the AFL/CIO. The AFL/CIO represent more than 12 million members nationwide. Benefits for members affiliated with the AFL/CIO.

  • Protected by a Collective Bargaining Agreement: The Collective Bargaining Agreement or Contract stipulates all of our benefits and working conditions. The CBA is negotiated between the Union and the Employers/Employers Association, before a contract can be ratified it must be approved by the members of the Union.

Fringe Benefits of the CBA: 

  • Retirement Pension Plan: IUPAT Industry Pension Plan (For more information related to the IUPAT Pension plan visit or


  • Death Benefit Fund: IUPAT and District Council 36 policies  (Contact the Local Union Hall to learn more regarding this benefit)

  • Safety Training Award Recognition   STAR is an incentive-based rewards program that serves to improve safety awareness on the job site by rewarding safe work habits through participation in continued safety training and education. Workers must complete the required safety courses and maintain a minimum number of safe work hours during the qualifying work period to be eligible for recognition and rewards. 

  • Labor Management Cooperation Initiative:  The Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative, the LMCI, gives IUPAT contractors and union members a unified voice to address construction industry leaders and decision makers on the issues and resources required build a better business and grow the unionized construction workforce.