District Council 36 represents a growing force of men and women in Arizona and California, who work in the Finishing Trades.



Privacy Policy

Adopted by Delegates in 2018


It is the policy of this District Council and the Local Unions to maintain the privacy of membership records. The District Council and Local Unions will not disclose any membership records absent a subpoena or other compelling legal reason. If a member has a need to contact another member for a legitimate reason, the District Council or the Local Unions will make an effort to contact the other member to see if the other member wants to be contacted by the requesting member and how this contact should occur. It is the policy of the District Council and Local Unions not to provide membership information including addresses and contact information to other members or to the public in order to preserve the privacy and rights of our members.

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210 North 24th Street - Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Phone Number: 602-244-9821


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